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Bloom experiences virtual yoga


Yoga teacher

Bloom Experiences, creator of moments of adventure offers you a Virtual Yoga Experience. Who is behind the magic of Bloom Experiences? Audrey Ann B. Meloche, passionate yoga teacher and massage therapist. I offer yoga classes, personalized and adapted to your workplace. We want to create a moment that brings you well-being.

The actions of Bloom Experiences are guided by values of passion, dedication, and the search for well-being.

Virtual Yoga

Virtual Yoga sessions are offered to any group, association, school, or company that wishes to offer personalized yoga learning adapted to the needs of the work environment. The sessions are adapted on a chair, a work desk or even on a mat.

Adapted to your daily life, find your balance at the office, at school and at home

Our video clips

Virtual yoga sessions are presented in video capsules lasting 15 to 20 minutes. Each video offers breathing exercises (pranayama), series of sequences of yoga postures (asanas), relaxation and meditation.

Yoga postures paired with breathing help reduce stress and anxiety and improve levels of concentration.

Extend your moment of relaxation

Chair massage

Treat yourself to a relaxing moment in your work environment or during a special event.

Enjoy 15-minute chair massage sessions. These sessions are greatly appreciated by the participants. We prolong the experience with a Bloom herbal tea.

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