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A story of passion

I fell in love with the Magdalen Islands; that’s where I find my haven of peace in the summer, and in Whistler, British Columbia, in the winter. Since 2020, Grande-Entrée has become my home where I established Bloom Experiences. My passion for yoga, already 20 years strong, has led me to undertake several journeys, including a six-month pilgrimage to India to study Praga Yoga at Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya University.


My studies in Intervention in physical activity at the University of Quebec in Montreal, I taught for five years at the secondary and primary levels in Montreal and the Magdalen Islands. I have provided yoga and meditation classes in all primary schools on the islands, at the University of Quebec in Montreal, at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan, and at Cégep de Varennes.

Following my project management certificate from the Hautes Études Commercials de Montréal, I decided to create Bloom Experiences. A wellness getaway in Grande-Entrée, offering soothing and rejuvenating moments.

Massage Therapy

For the past 14 years, I have been a massage therapist. I have mastered various massage techniques, including Thai, Swedish-Kinetic, and Lomi-atsu, through specialized schools such as Kiné Concept and Lotus Palm in Montreal, the Deep Flow school in Vancouver, and Ayurveda training at Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya University in India.

I have worked in prestigious spas such as Scandinave Spa Whistler, Vida Spa at Fairmont Château Whistler, Spa St. James at the Ritz Carlton, and Bota-Bota Spa on the water in Montreal, before creating Bloom Experiences.

An Unconventional Journey

My passion for horseback archery has allowed me to fully embrace the present moment. I have participated in numerous competitions in various countries, including Canada, Iran, Mongolia, South Korea, Hungary, Luxembourg, Malaysia, and Ukraine, with the Canadian horseback archery team at Borsos Törzs club. This experience has connected me to my deep essence, teaching me to merge with my horse and bow.

Choosing the East of Canada as a place of residence also means lobster fishing, stretching nets for smelts, and finding inspiration by the seaside for the creation of Bloom Experiences. I live for the moment!

Bloom in nature to the rhythm of the Islands.